What To Expect

After reviewing your Intake form I will escort you into the colon therapy room where I will give you a thorough explanation about the Angel of Water device including showing you the sterile single use disposable rectal nozzle.

I will show you how to position yourself on the table.  You can expect to be draped with a sheet for modesty at all times.

The only time I am not with you is when you undress from the waist down and position yourself on the table.  When you are draped and ready I will come back in and I stay with you throughout the entire session which last 35-45 minutes.

When we are finished I will give you some closing instructions and leave the room while you get off and go into the bathroom to finish up and dress. 

Most people tell me that they feel refreshed after their session and are able to readily continue with their day.  


Colon Hydrotherapy (or Colonics) is the cleansing of the large intestines with filtered regulated water.

After the client is comfortably positioned, the pencil size rectal nozzle is inserted about 1 ½ inches. A

gentle flow of gravity-fed, one-hundred degree water begins. Water flowing into the colon initiates

peristalsis and the client responds by releasing water and waste repeatedly over a course of the next 35-

45 minutes. The progressive irrigation and hydration that starts at the rectum, goes through the

transverse section and then to the cecum, breaks up waste matter and achieves the complete

evacuation of the colon.